Optimize your website conversion rate

Many entrepreneurs are obsessed with generating traffic to their websites. They know that the higher the inbound traffic to their website, the higher their earning potential will be. This is largely true with the assumption that the website is able to convert inbound traffic into customers. If the website cannot convert the website visitors into customers, any amount of traffic will not help. Successful internet marketers know that it is equally important to optimize the website conversion rate as well as to generate inbound traffic to the website. When both components work well, the website owner can look forward to massive amounts of passive earnings.

If you want to optimize your website conversion rate, you will have to take into considerations the below points.

1. Color
The first impression of the website matters to visitors. Visitors have to feel comfortable looking at the website. If the website is not visually appealing to visitors, they may exit the website in a short period of time without reading your website content carefully. This constitutes wasted traffic to your website, and you will definitely want to reduce that. Colors have a huge impact on the visual appearance on the website. Use a few visually appealing and contrasting background colors to segment and emphasize different sections of your website. Likewise, you should also use a few colors for your fonts to ensure consistency and places emphasis on certain content. The use of too many different colors on the website will confuse and irritate visitors.

2. Font size
You should adopt consistent font sizes for different sections of words (e.g. headers, sub headers and main content). This will make the content look more organized and neat. A neat content increases readability and allows website visitors to read through your content with ease.

3. Concise content
Write your content in a simple and concise manner. Summarize what you want to put across to the readers and only include the main points. Do not go beating around the bush. People do not like to read a wall of texts. Putting your points across in a concise manner also allows your readers to easily remember your points too.

Types of SEO Services in Singapore

There are different types of SEO services offered by SEO companies in Singapore. These SEO services in singapore vary in their Key Performance Indicator (KPI), price, and work scope. Do not be mistaken – I will not be talking about the types of SEO, specifically white hat and black hat SEO in this post. If you would like to know more about these two types of SEO, please visit this article instead.

One of the SEO services in Singapore is the standard class of SEO package that promises customers that their website rankings will improve steadily over time, with no guarantees that it will definitely happen. This type of SEO service is affordable and is tailored towards business owners and marketers who are price-conscious and would like to try out SEO for their business website. Usually, people who purchase this standard class of SEO package are either trying out SEO for the first time or testing the technical capabilities of the SEO companies. In another words, they are unsure if SEO will get them results, hence would like to invest minimal into SEO to see the effect.

The second type of SEO services in Singapore is the premium class of SEO package that guarantees customers that their website rankings will achieve a certain page after a specified time frame. Failure to meet their guarantee obligations will usually result in full refund of the customers’ payments. Many SEO companies in Singapore guarantees websites to be ranked on page one of search engines within a period between 6 months to a year. This type of SEO packages appeal to people who believes that SEO will be beneficial for the business, and hence willing to pay premium price to ensure SEO results are achieved.

The third type of SEO services in Singapore is simply breaking down the different components of SEO methods and offering them to customers. These SEO methods include getting backlinks, optimizing on-page of website, and writing quality content on social media to promote the website. These individual services can be sold to customers at an affordable price. People who purchase this type of SEO service usually knows how to conduct SEO themselves and would like some help on certain SEO methods to complement their existing SEO methods.

With the variety of SEO services offered in Singapore, customers can easily find one that meets their requirements.

Is SEO worth investing in for your business?

There is no doubt that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful internet marketing methods currently. Many businesses reap good rewards and enjoy good amount of leads from their investments into SEO. This helped to greatly propel their businesses forward. Many seo company singapore will sell you the idea of investing into SEO which can be really beneficial for businesses. At the end of the day, you got to analyze and decide if SEO is worth investing in for your business.

This is what I usually ponder through to decide if SEO is worth investing in for my new business:

1. Check out the potential traffic your website can get by ranking onto first page of search engines. You have to know if there are people in the market utilizing search engines to seek information related to your business. If there are not enough searches for it, it may not be wise adopting SEO. You can either check out the potential traffic of the keywords by accessing the traffic statistics page of the search engines (such as “Keyword Planner” from Google) yourself or ask your SEO company to conduct the research for you. Usually, they would conduct the analysis free of charge.

2. Find out how much each lead is worth to your business. As a rule of thumb, keep your marketing costs below this value of each lead to ensure profitability in your business. Calculate the minimum profit that each customer can give you, and multiply it with the estimated conversion rate of your leads into paying customers. This should be a conservative estimate of the value of each lead. With this information, you can compare it with the monthly SEO investment. If your SEO investments is lower than the value of each lead, it will be advisable to go ahead with SEO.

Assumptions made for the above points are:
1. The Singapore SEO company will be able to carry out the SEO effectively and push your website to the first page of search engine in a reasonable time frame (e.g. between 6 months to a year).

2. Your SEO results will be maintained for the long term due to the use of ethical, white-hat methods.

Useful tips for people who are developing their website

It is highly recommended for businesses to have their own website in this digital age. It is well known that internet provides the biggest traffic on Earth. Smart business owners and marketers know that internet marketing is the future. If you are going to develop your website in the near future, read my tips below carefully:

1. Ask yourself whether you have the capabilities to develop the website yourself. Website development is a professional skill. It will take you approximately 3 to 6 months to learn how to develop a professional-looking website. It is a huge time investment to learn how to develop and code a website yourself from scratch. I will advise businesses owners to outsource website design to a website design Singapore company instead. There is not much point learning a skill which you will not be able to use much in the future. You will be better off doing what you do best – planning and executing plans to grow your business. Let others handle the work for you.

2. Try to negotiate with the website design Singapore company to achieve shorter development time for your website. It is better if your website can be completed in a shorter time so that it can start to attract and convert prospects into customers for you. The faster your website is up on the internet, the more sales you can potentially get. If your website contains a lot of pages which will lengthen the completion of your website, you can consider asking the web developer to complete the crucial pages such as “home” and “about us” pages first and upload the website. The other pages can be tagged with a “coming soon” tag. This way, you can generate some brand awareness when your partial website is up and running while the other pages are still under development.

3. Know what website features will be most suitable for your business. Your web design company may propose a lot of website features to you so that they can earn more from the web design services. It is up to you to gauge which features should be included in your website and which should not. Evaluate each feature properly as your decision will affect the website completion time, budget and also user interface.

If you want more website design tips, here are 25 more website design tips for you.

Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Marketing

The popularity of internet marketing has been increasing ever since the invention of internet. This is mainly due to the increasing online traffic over the years. Marketers like Sharkweb will always look for sources with huge traffic where they can advertise at. In fact, internet marketing is becoming so huge that some businesses and marketers decided to make a full switch from conventional marketing such as TV advertising to internet marketing. You can potentially reach more customers worldwide on the internet than any other marketing sources. There have been reports which concluded that internet marketing yields higher Return on Investments (ROIs) than conventional marketing.

I have always believed in internet marketing and the great benefits associated with it. That is why I recommended you to get a website for your business. Getting a website is the first step towards establishing a foothold online.

Before you carry out internet marketing, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of internet marketing tips for you:

1. Plan your overall internet marketing strategy. Know clearly what your internet marketing goals are. Do you intend to generate brand awareness, promote the sales of a product or service, or a combination of both? You will need to have an overall strategy so that you can better plan and execute your internet marketing efforts to achieve the goal.

2. Develop multiple internet marketing channels and get multiple sources of traffic. Do not rely on just one source of traffic. It is a big bet to rely on just 1 source of traffic. Try to diversify your traffic sources and channels.

3. Execute similar campaigns on different marketing channels at the same time. This will gain much more awareness and impressions of your campaigns. It increases the chance the audience will have repeated exposure to your campaigns. Hence, they will remember your marketing campaigns more vividly.

1. Do not execute marketing campaigns with conflicting contents with one another at the same time. This will confuse the audience and weaken your marketing campaigns.

2. Do not expect fast results. Good internet marketing campaigns yield great results over a long period of time consistently. Look towards building lasting impressions and awareness on consumers’ minds over a long period. Rome is not built within a day.

Things you should tell your SEO consultant

It is a wise choice to engage in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for your business website. Top internet marketers and savvy business owners know that traffic from search engines is massive and very valuable. If you do not know how to conduct SEO for your business website, you will need to engage a SEO company to do it for you.

Before you speak to a SEO consultant of the SEO company, you will need to prepare a list of things that you should tell the SEO consultant Singapore.

Firstly, you will need to know how much exactly are you willing to spend on SEO on a monthly basis. Take note that SEO services are charged on a monthly basis and not a one-time project fee. It will be a long term marketing cost. Ask yourself how much the business is able to fork out every month on SEO. The SEO consultant will need to know your budget before he can propose a suitable SEO package that will meet both your financial and operational requirements.

Secondly, you will need to know how long you are able to commit to this marketing project. As mentioned above, SEO is a long term marketing service. Results will typically be seen after 6 months to a year. SEO companies usually also requires clients to commit for at least 6 months. I will advise you to commit to a SEO project at least 6 months. Evaluate the results after 6 months to see if you should continue with the same SEO company, switch to another one, or discontinue your SEO project entirely.

Thirdly, you will need to set some goals for the SEO marketing campaign. Tell the SEO consultant what you would like to see after a certain period. Seek his advice if that expectation is realistic. If it is, then you can compare this goal with the actual results to gauge the competencies of the SEO company.

These three things (budget, project duration, and goals) are the essential things a SEO consultant will ask you during the meeting with them. Be prepared for them.

Promote your website on the internet to gain traffic

After you get a website for your business, you should then move on to generate traffic for your website. Traffic generation is a term in the internet marketing niche that refers to the attraction of online visitors to your website. Your website will have to be promoted in various ways online to increase its online awareness and visibility so that people will know about and visit your website. What’s the point of a good website if no one knows about it? If you are able to develop a great internet marketing tactic, the number of visitors to your website will grow over time. So will your sales and revenue figures.

There are some common ways of promoting your website on the internet.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
With search engines such as Google being the top visited websites in the whole world, there are little doubts that search engines command huge traffic. Search engines are crucial elements on the internet as it enables people to find what they want to know on the internet. Putting it in a more detailed way, search engines let people find relevant websites containing the information they want to know about. This provides great opportunity for businesses. Businesses engage SEO companies such as Shark Web (www.sharkweb.com.sg/seo-singapore/) and SEO Agency to rank their websites higher so that more people will be able to find their website and learn more about their products and services. Moreover, SEO is considered a good marketing tactic as it targets high quality prospects – the prospects are actively looking for information on the products and service themselves. This will make the closing process smoother as fewer persuasion will be needed to close the prospects as compared to a cold prospect.

2. Social media
The use of social media has been on a rapid rise in the recent years. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are among the top visited websites in the world too. As there are huge number of people visiting these social media platforms on a frequent basis, it is good for marketers to display their website ads here too to create brand awareness and online visibility.

As you can see, generally, it is a good idea to promote your website on other websites which are frequently visited by massive number of people in the world. Then, devise a strategy to attract the attention of people via these websites.

You should get a website for your business

No matter if you are a layman on the streets or a technologist, I’m here to tell you that the digital age has begun. The world has seen the power of internet and technology over the years, but most notably over the last decade. During the past decade, we have seen rapid adoption of internet by people all around the world. Furthermore, giant technology companies were developed. Talents in top universities are starting to move into the technology sector instead of other sectors such as banking, medical, and law sectors. Everyone realizes that they are dependent, and will be more dependent on technology over the course of their lives.

This produces an insight for businesses – they will need to get a foothold online because that’s why massive number of people go to each day and so that people will easily be able to find out about them. I will recommend businesses to get their own websites. As compared to retail outlets, a website can be seen by thousands, if not millions of visitors every single day. A website is also able to quickly provide valuable information about the business that the customers need or want to know about within seconds. All the visitors just need to do is to insert the business’s url into the internet search panel and the business website will be able to come up the next second.

If you do not know how to develop websites yourself, you should engage web design companies and buy their web design singapore services. A normal five to ten pages website will take about one month to complete if the web design company is fast or two months to complete if the web design company is slow. Usually, the web design services will include graphical design and the technical coding of the website. You can tell them how you want the website to look and they will then be able to produce it for you. On your side, you will mainly be providing the content of your business and the associated products and services for your website.